How To Install A Dedicated Hot Water Return Line?

If you’re using a hot water system in your home and looking for an article on how to install a dedicated hot water return line to create an ideal loop for the water circulation system, you’re on the right page.

Having a dedicated hot water return line will keep your heated water going throughout your house, and you can use the hot water when needed.

In this comprehensive guide, we’re going to guide you on this topic and hopefully, in addition to learning the topic, you can also know the benefits and why you should install this system in your home or office. 

Let’s get started!

Installing A Dedicated Hot Water Return Line:

Installing a dedicated hot water return line is not a job for ordinary people, this task is only recommended for certified plumbers, so if you’re going to install the system yourself, you’ll face a lot of trouble.

Another thing is, a text guide will not be enough to cover the installation process, so we have shared a video on this so that you or your plumber can easily watch the video and start working.

Watch The Video Here:

What Is A Dedicated Hot Return Line?

When it comes to knowing about a dedicated return line, the clear-cut answer is this is such a system that uses a return pipe from your last sink back to the tank. 

The system acts like a hot water circulation line converter that helps convert your existing water circulation into a proficient and energy-saving hot water delivery system in your house. 

Most homeowners don’t want to wait a couple of seconds to get hot water when they turn on the tab because time is an important fact in this busy world. 

Installing a dedicated return line is the best solution for this, you can get instant hot water from your dedicated return line pipe when needed. 

Some of the noticeable benefits we can find when using the system like:

  • It can reduce your overall energy costs.
  • It can also help you to reduce the leaks of your heating system. 
  • You can extend your pump, pipes, and heating equipment lifes.
  • When you turn on your tab, hot water will instantly come to your hand.
  • You can save unused water.

Where Should I Connect The Hot Water Recirculation Line To The Water Heater? 

When installing a dedicated return line on any hot water system, most people ask the same question, where they should connect the recirculation line to their water heater because there are two points available. 

  • At the drain.
  • Or at the top of the cold water inlet.

Some people think that connecting the recirculation line at the drain can cause problems as it’s made of plastic.

On the other hand, some people say that connecting the line to the inlet will require using an additional check valve to prevent the line hot water from fostering the un-heated lines.

Here you can simply connect the recirculation line to the cold water inlet because our research says that you don’t need any check valve because your pump will only keep circulating the water into the continuous loop, and the normal water is outside that loop.

People Also Ask

How Does A Hot Water Return System Work?

Ultimately, it’s an energy-saving way and the simple working process of this system is it produces a loop within the heater and your faucet, and the remaining unutilized water on your system loops back within a few moments to start reheating.  

How Much Does It Cost To Install A Hot Water Recirculating Pump?

There is no clear-cut answer because the price will depend on the area you’re living in, the plumber cost, and more. However, In the US, the average price of a pump ranges from $250-$400, and the installation cost might be $120-$300 depending on how expert your plumber is.

Are Hot Water Recirculation Systems Efficient?

A recirculation system is known as an efficient way of saving your unused water because the system only delivers you hot water when hot water is needed. 

Summing Up:

We are unable to show you the process of installing a dedicated return line on this particular subject by providing a text guide only because this type of guide is not possible to cover by text.

But you can watch the shared video that shows the steps. Hopefully, the answer to your question on How To Install A Dedicated Hot Water Return Line will be solved by the video.

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